Have concerns with your REALTOR®?

Often the best first step in trying informally to resolve an issue with a REALTOR is to speak with them or their managing broker about your concerns.

Additionally, the British Columbia Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) is responsible for investigating complaints about the conduct of B.C. real estate professionals, unlicensed real estate activity, and real estate developers.

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) may investigate and consider the conduct of its members in accordance with its by-laws. Please note:

  • The FVREB does not have the jurisdiction to deal with contractual or monetary disputes (aside from disputes arising between firms relating to the division or disposition of the commission in respect to any transaction);
  • The FVREB cannot award monetary damages;
  • The FVREB does not give legal advice.

The FVREB will not proceed with a complaint unless the individual who is the subject of the complaint is one of its members and was one of its members at the time of the alleged misconduct in the complaint. In addition, the FVREB will process a complaint in accordance with rule 9.4.4 of the Canadian Real Estate Association By-Laws and Rules.

Please note that as of January 1, 2022, if the individual who is making a complaint to the FVREB is not a REALTOR, then the FVREB will direct the complainant to the BCFSA and the FVREB will not proceed with the complaint until the BCFSA has made its decision regarding the complaint. Further, the FVREB will follow its practice regarding complaints that are being, or have been, addressed by organized real estate or by a (quasi) government/legal authority. If the complainant wishes the FVREB to proceed with the complaint, the complainant must notify the FVREB upon the conclusion in the other forum, so the FVREB may proceed with the complaint.

To submit a complaint to the FVREB about one of its members, complete the FVREB’s Complaint Form and send it to the FVREB in accordance with the instructions therein.

Download the FVREB Complaint Form (PDF)