White Rock’s iconic pier, its’ massive rock for which the town is named, fish and chip shops, and the railway that runs alongside White Rock’s shoreline are emblematic of this charming seaside town.

For decades White Rock thrived in its own unique way, drawing artists, musicians and retirees seeking a slower pace of life. However, an ever-increasing population, new developments and nearby shopping malls, has transformed White Rock from a quiet small town into a bustling suburb at the edges of Metro Vancouver. Comprised of 5 square kilometers, the City of White Rock is surrounded on three sides by Surrey with Semiahmoo Bay to the south.


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The iconic ‘White Rock’

Estimated to weigh 486 tonnes a giant white rock is located on the beach of Semiahmoo Bay. It is not naturally white but it has been painted white since the 19th century so that it could be used for navigational purposes. The “White Rock” is most likely a glacial erratic deposited here approximately 11,000 to 25,000 years ago during the retreat of the last ice age. However the Coast Salish legend holds that the son of the Sea God fell for the daughter of a Cowichan chief who refused to accept the romance between a god and a mortal being, spurring the son to hurl the huge white rock across the waters. The son vowed wherever the rock landed, would mark where he and the princess would live and establish a new tribe.